Ice Shavings

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Ice Resurfacer - History
... The first ice-resurfacer was the brainchild of Frank J ... Zamboni created a plant for making ice blocks that could be used in refrigeration techniques ... As the demand for ice blocks waned, Zamboni looked for another way to capitalize on his expertise with ice ...
... called tsua-bing (Chinese 剉冰 Pe̍h-ōe-jī chhoah-peng) in Taiwanese Hokkien, is a shaved ice dessert very common in Taiwan, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam ... To create the dessert, a large mound of ice shavings are first placed on a plate ... In the past, ice shavings were created by hand, either by using a large mallet to crush ice into fine pieces, using a large freehand blade to shave off ice, or turning a hand-cranked machine to do the same ...

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    Every incident connected with the breaking up of the rivers and ponds and the settling of the weather is particularly interesting to us who live in a climate of so great extremes. When the warmer days come, they who dwell near the river hear the ice crack at night with a startling whoop as loud as artillery, as if its icy fetters were rent from end to end, and within a few days see it rapidly going out. So the alligator comes out of the mud with quakings of the earth.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)