Ice Caps

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Current Sea Level Rise - Longer-term Changes - Glaciers and Ice Caps
... about 8 mm of ocean water falls on the Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets as snowfall ... If no ice returned to the oceans, sea level would drop 8 mm every year ... same amount of water appeared to return to the ocean in icebergs and from ice melting at the edges ...
Geology Of Mars - Global Physiography - Ice Caps
... The polar ice caps are well-known telescopic features of Mars, first identified by Christiaan Huygens in 1672 ... Since the 1960s, we have known that the seasonal caps (those seen in the telescope to grow and wane seasonally) are composed of carbon dioxide (CO2) ice that condenses out of the atmosphere as temperatures ... In the north, the CO2 ice completely dissipates (sublimes) in summer, leaving behind a residual cap of water (H2O) ice ...
Water On Mars - Present Water Ice - Ice Ages
... Ice ages on Mars are far different than the ones that the Earth experiences ... During a Martian ice age, the poles get warmer, water ice then leaves the ice caps and is deposited in mid latitudes ... The moisture from the ice caps travels to lower latitudes in the form of deposits of frost or snow mixed with dust ...

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