Ibis Browser

Ibis Browser

ibisBrowser is a web browser which is designed for mobile phones. It is a client–server application that has been developed in 2005 by ibis inc., a Japanese company. The first version of the browser, developed in Java (MIDP 2.0) and run on a Java enabled Mobile Phone. Currently, two different versions of ibisBrowser can be found based on the features present on the browsers, these are: ibisBrowserLT and ibisBrowserDX. ibisBorwserLT is a light weight, in other words light featured browser. On the other hand, ibisBrowserDX has more functionality than ibisBrowserLT.

Currently, ibisBrowserLT/ibisBrowserDX is offered for NTT DoCoMo FOMA as i-mode Java application, for au the open application version of ibisBrowserDX, and Java edition for corresponding Willcom model version equipped with Java application. Since ibisBrowser performs a very fast searching method to retrieve a webpage, which then fits the page on a tiny Mobile Phone screen very accurately it is very popular among the Japanese Mobile Phone users. Recently, ibis inc. has released ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile Phones for using inside Japan and abroad. The basic difference from the ibisBrowserDX of Java edition is that the ibisBrowserDX for Windows Mobile edition is developed in C++.

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Ibis Browser - Support Information
... The technology preview versions of ibisBrowserDX for both Java and Windows Mobile Editions can be downloaded from the download page provided below ... For the users of ibisBrowser there is a Wiki Entry (visit the Support page) where bugs or errors for both Java and Windows Mobile editions are received from the users and solved them in real time ...