Iberian Language

The Iberian language was the language of a people identified by Greek and Roman sources who lived in the eastern and southeastern regions of the Iberian Peninsula. The ancient Iberians can be identified as a rather nebulous local culture between the 7th and 1st century BC. The Iberian language, like all the other Paleohispanic languages except Basque, became extinct by the 1st to 2nd centuries AD, after being gradually replaced by Latin. Iberian is speculated to be a language isolate, but while its different scripts have been deciphered to various extents, the language itself remains largely unknown.

Links with other languages have been claimed, especially the Basque language, but they have not been clearly demonstrated to the satisfaction of modern scholarship.

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Iberian Language - Description - Iberian and Basque
... Whether Iberian and Basque are two languages of the same language family is still a much debated question ... Many experts on Iberian suspect that there is a relationship of some sort between Iberian and Aquitanian, a precursor of the Basque language ... But there is not enough evidence to date to ascertain whether the two languages belong to the same language family or whether the relationship is due to linguistic borrowing ...
Iberians - Iberian Culture - Iberian Language
... The Iberian language, like the rest of paleohispanic languages, became extinct by the 1st to 2nd centuries AD, after being gradually replaced by Latin ... Iberian seems to be a language isolate ... It is generally considered as a non-Indo-European language (although a 1978 study found many similarities between Iberian and the Messapic language) ...
Origin Of The Basques - Theories of Minor Acceptance - Basque-Iberism
... that, somehow, there is a direct relation between the Basque language and the Iberian language, in a way that the Basque would be the result of an ... one to point out this theory was Strabo in the 1st century BC (that means, when the Iberian language was still spoken) he asserted that the Iberians and the Aquitanians were similar physically and ... in which he stated that the Basque people were Iberians, following some studies he conducted ...

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