Iberian Culture

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Iberians - Iberian Culture - Art
... The Iberians produced sculpture in stone and bronze, most of which was much influenced by the Greeks and Phoenicians ... The styles of Iberian sculpture are divided geographically into Levantine, Central, Southern, and Western groups, of which the Levantine group displays the most Greek influence ...
History Of Catalonia - The Rise of Iberian Culture
... During the period of Iberian civilization, the Catalan territory was home to several distinct tribes The Indiketes in Empordà, the Ceretans in Cerdanya and the Airenosins in the Val d'Aran ... The influx of Celtic peoples led to a characteristic blend of cultures known as Celtiberian, which was affected by the first arrival of colonists from Ancient Greece and Carthage like the rest of the ... Finally, after the 218 BC arrival of the Romans, the Iberian culture was absorbed into that of Rome ...
Prehistoric Iberia - Iron Age - The Iberian Culture
... In the Iberian culture people were organized in chiefdoms and states ... be identified the Ancient, the Middle and the Late Iberian period ... not limited to their few colonies, the Tartessian-Orientalizing culture begins to transform itself, especially in the South East ...

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    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)