The hypochlorite ion, also known as chlorate(I) anion is ClO−. A hypochlorite compound is a chemical compound containing this group, with chlorine in oxidation state +1.

Hypochlorites are the salts of hypochlorous acid. Common examples include sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach or bleaching agent) and calcium hypochlorite (bleaching powder or swimming pool chlorination compound). Hypochlorites are frequently quite unstable — for example, sodium hypochlorite is not available as a solid, since removal of the water from NaClO solution converts it to a mixture of sodium chloride and sodium chlorate. Heating of NaClO solution also causes this reaction. Hypochlorites decompose in sunlight, giving chlorides and oxygen.

Due to their low stability, hypochlorites are very strong oxidizing agents. They react with many organic and inorganic compounds. Reaction with organic compounds is very exothermic and may cause ignition, so hypochlorites should be handled with care. They can oxidize manganese compounds, converting them to permanganates.

Covalent hypochlorites, such as methyl hypochlorite are also known, and are typically unstable.

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