Hypersonic Flow

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Wallace D. Hayes
... numerous and fundamental contributions to the theories of supersonic and hypersonic flow and wave motion strongly influenced the design of aircraft at supersonic speeds and ... Institute of Technology, he developed a theory of supersonic flow called the area rule which strongly influenced the design of high-speed aircraft ... He followed his work in supersonic flow with groundbreaking studies in the late 1940s and early 1950s in hypersonic flow, which is considered to begin at about five times the speed of sound, or ...
Compressible Aerodynamics - Hypersonic Flow
... In aerodynamics, hypersonic speeds are speeds that are highly supersonic ... The hypersonic regime is a subset of the supersonic regime ... Hypersonic flow is characterized by high temperature flow behind a shock wave, viscous interaction, and chemical dissociation of gas ...
WaveRider - Design
... During re-entry, hypersonic vehicles generate lift only from the underside of the fuselage ... The underside, which is inclined to the flow at a high angle of attack, creates lift in reaction to the vehicle wedging the airflow downwards ... allow the air on the bottom of the craft to flow spanwise and escape to the upper part of the wing through the gap between the leading edge and the detached shock wave ...

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