Hurricanes in Delaware

Hurricanes In Delaware

The following is a list of tropical cyclones that affected the U.S. state of Delaware. Since reliable records began, no tropical cyclone has struck the state while maintaining hurricane intensity, and only three storms since 1851 caused hurricane-force winds in the state. The state often experiences the direct effects of landfalling North Atlantic tropical cyclones and from the remnants of some Pacific storms, such as rainfall or strong winds, as well as the effects of storms that remain offshore, such as rip currents or heavy surf. Since 1749, at least 111 tropical cyclones, some of which had become extratropical, have affected the state, including 21 which passed over the state.

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Hurricanes In Delaware - Strongest Storms
... The following storms have caused hurricane-force winds in Delaware ... of closest approach Year Unnamed 1 October 1878 ... Unnamed 1 September 1903 ... Hurricane Irene 1 August 2011 ... Hurricane Sandy 1 October 2012. ...