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Most intense Atlantic hurricanes at Category 4
Rank Hurricane Season Pressure
hPa inHg
1 Opal 1995 916 27.0
2 Gloria 1985 919 27.1
3 Floyd 1999 921 27.2
4 Igor 2010 924 27.3
Hurricane #3 1853 924 27.3
6 "Indianola" 1886 925 27.4
7 Earl 2010 927 27.4
Esther 1961 927 27.4
9 Carmen 1974 928 27.4
Hurricane #8 1880 928 27.4
Source: HURDAT

Hurricane Floyd is the third most intense hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean not to reach Category 5 intensity, behind only Hurricanes Opal and Gloria, as well as one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever observed. At one time, when at its peak, tropical storm-force winds spanned a diameter of 580 mi (930 km), making Floyd one of the largest Atlantic hurricanes of its intensity ever recorded. With damages totaling up to $4.5 billion (1999 USD), Hurricane Floyd was one of the costliest Atlantic tropical cyclones ever recorded at the end of 2008.

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