Humanoid Robots

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Humanoid Robot - Sensors - Exteroceptive Sensors
... information about forces and torques transferred between the robot and other objects ... In humanoid robots it is used to recognize objects and determine their properties ... Most humanoid robots use CCD cameras as vision sensors ...
... HRP-2M Choromet is a 35 cm tall, 1½ pound humanoid robot which is, in a sense, the younger brother of HRP-2 ... What differentiates Choromet from similar little humanoid robots is that it is equipped with a large number of sensors ... to the software used in the HRP series humanoid robots except for the fact that it does not include CORBA ...
Lexx - Lifeforms - Humanoid Robots
... 790 ... is a humanoid robot ... Originally it possessed a human body, a robot head and a small part of a human brain (when in love with Kai, 790 claims this brain-cube came from a woman, but ...

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    The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that men may become robots. True enough, robots do not rebel. But given man’s nature, robots cannot live and remain sane, they become “Golems,” they will destroy their world and themselves because they cannot stand any longer the boredom of a meaningless life.
    Erich Fromm (1900–1980)