Humanity First

Humanity First is an international charitable trust established to promote and safeguard the preservation of human life and dignity. The organisation works with vulnerable communities in over 40 countries spanning 6 continents, and is now registered in 33 countries. The organisation is run by volunteers around the world, and even in operations, expert medical, engineering, educational and technical staff often pay their own way to support international projects.The organization was started by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The organisation cites efficiencies through the extensive use of volunteers, partnerships and global sourcing resulting in over 93% of funds going straight to projects, and the actual aid value (including free man-hours of doctors, engineers etc.) delivered is significantly (often 50 times) greater than the value of donations received.

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... Humanity First is an international non-profit, non-sectarian humanitarian organization which, though entirely independent, is in collaboration occasionally with other organizations such ...
Humanity First - Long-term Projects
... Humanity First runs a number of long-term projects largely in Africa and Asia Feed a Family - provision of basic necessities to deserving and vulnerable families, normally for a fixed period of 6 ... Humanity First are working on these projects with Water Aid and IAAAE and have built or refurbished over 420 pumps and filter units in West Africa, Latin America and Asia ... Humanity First USA sent a team of eye doctors and volunteers to San Juan Sacatapequez, Guatemala in 2010 to conduct a successful cataract surgery camp ...

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