Hox Gene Clusters

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... gel electrophoresis - gel shift - gel shift assay - gene - gene amplification - gene conversion - gene expression - gene mapping - gene pool - gene therapy - gene transfer - genetic code - genetic ...
Galactosemia - Cause
... in an autosomal recessive manner, meaning a child must inherit one defective gene from each parent to show the disease ... Heterozygotes are carriers, because they inherit one normal gene and one defective gene ...
Gene - Changing Concept
... The concept of the gene has changed considerably (see history section) ... It was also previously believed that one gene makes one protein this concept was overthrown by the discovery of alternative splicing and trans-splicing ... The definition of a gene is still changing ...
Mir-10 Micro RNA Precursor Family - Genomic Location
... The mir-10 genes are found within the Hox gene clusters ... In mammals there are four Hox gene clusters, these contain five genes encoding miRNAs (mir-10a, mir-10b, mir-196a-1, mir-196a-2 and mir-196b) ... The mir-10a gene is located upstream of Hoxb4 and the mir-10b gene is located upstream of Hoxd4 ...
Gene Family
... A gene family is a set of several similar genes, formed by duplication of a single original gene, and generally with similar biochemical functions ... One such family are the genes for human haemoglobin subunits the ten genes are in two clusters on different chromosomes, called the α-globin and β-globin loci ... Genes are categorized into families based on shared nucleotide or protein sequences ...

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