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The largest manufacturer of hot air balloons in the world is Cameron Balloons of Bristol, England, who also own Lindstrand Balloons of Oswestry, England. Cameron Balloons, Lindstrand Balloons and another English balloon manufacturing company, Thunder and Colt (since acquired by Cameron), have been innovators and developers of special shaped balloons. These hot air balloons use the same principle of lift as conventional inverted teardrop shaped balloons but often sections of the special balloon envelope shape make no contribution to the balloon's ability to stay afloat.

The second largest manufacturer of hot air balloons in the world is Ultramagic, based in Spain, which produces from 80 to 120 balloons per year. Ultramagic can produce massive balloons, such as the N-500 that accommodates up to 27 persons in the basket, and has also produced many balloons with special shapes, as well as cold air inflatables.

Aerostar International, Inc. of Sioux Falls, South Dakota was North America's largest balloon manufacturer and a close second in world manufacturing before ceasing to build balloons in January 2007. Firefly Balloons, formerly known as The Balloon Works, is another popular manufacturer of hot-air balloons located in Statesville, North Carolina. Another long time producer of hot air balloons is Head Balloons, Inc., located in Helen, Georgia, USA. The major manufacturers in Canada are Sundance Balloons and Fantasy Sky Promotions. There are many other manufacturers around the world including Kavanagh Balloons (Australia), Schroeder Fire Balloons (Germany) and Kubicek Balloons (Czech Republic).

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