Homebuilt Computer - Homebuilt Computers and High-performance Systems

Homebuilt Computers and High-performance Systems

Most mainstream manufactured computers use common or inexpensive parts such as onboard graphics and audio. While onboard video/audio/etc offer a dramatic economic savings (and satisfy the general user), these options are generally low performance and do not perform as well as dedicated hardware under high demand situations such as current games and CAD.

Homebuilt computers are most common among "gamers", CAD drafters, or other people who demand more performance from a specific component than the "general" demand of the average user because of the customization building one's own computer offers. An example would be a "gamer" using a slightly obsolete CPU and Hard Drive, and reallocating the cost of the computer to a higher end dedicated Video Card and/or RAM. Additionally, "gamers" and others with more demanding computer needs often appreciate the freedom to upgrade certain components to fit their needs and the evolving needs of the software being used; this is much cheaper than buying a brand new computer every time individual components become obsolete or insufficient to meet the needs of the user.

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