Homebuilt Computer - Development As A Hobby

Development As A Hobby

Many people have found great satisfaction in being able to build their own desktops from scratch. Not only can someone build a desktop that can outperform a significant number of pre-built models selling in retail stores, but someone building their own desktop has the freedom to add whatever components they may desire. Such components can range from a variety of HDD drive capacities and speeds, cold cathode bulbs for aesthetic purposes, performance graphics cards (GPU's), monitor configurations, resolution, OS (operating system(s)), among many others such as cooling systems, sound cards,large power supply, quality motherboard, and keyboard mouse configurations. Building your own desktop allows you to customize just about every aspect of your computing needs. Oftentimes people are inclined to install two or more graphics cards to allow for highly demanding resolutions and computing/gaming needs. Additionally, for example, someone with gaming or video editing needs, can opt for a high level of RAM capacity, a high-end CPU, graphics card, and a quality monitor that can display according to the individual needs of the editor/gamer. Oftentimes, people enter competitions that compare individual "builds" (configurations) and computing power.

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