Homebuilt Computer - Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages

Building one's own computer affords tangible benefits compared to purchasing a mass-produced model, such as:

  • Being able to choose exactly which components are to be used.
  • Customizing the machine to the user's exact needs and preferences.
  • Avoiding the advertising links, trial software, and other commission-driven additions and modifications that increasingly are made to mass-market computers prior to their being shipped.
  • Ensure that one has all the individual driver and OS discs - many manufactured computers only come with one or two discs. one of which is the OS, and another is a "restore to factory condition" disc, which included all the "Bloatware" mentioned above. This inhibits latter modifiability (mentioned below).
  • Being able to make modifications to the original build at a later date with little hassle.
  • May be less expensive than a mass-manufactured PC, especially if extensive customization is desired.
  • Enjoyment, personal satisfaction, and educational experience.

For the general public, however, the lack of technical support and warranty protection (other than what is provided by the individual component and software manufacturers) may be a significant disadvantage. However, a person who is capable of designing and building a PC will most likely have sufficient knowledge and technical know-how to maintain his or her system, and will require little support from manufacturers.

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