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The Secretary of State for the Home Department, commonly known as the Home Secretary, is the minister in charge of the Home Office of the United Kingdom, and one of the country's four Great Offices of State. The Home Secretary is responsible for internal affairs within England and Wales, and for immigration and citizenship for the whole of the United Kingdom: that is Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The remit of the department also includes policing and matters of national security, as the Security Service, MI5, is directly accountable to the Home Secretary. Until 2005, the Home Secretary was the minister responsible for prisons and probation, however that was transferred to the newly-created Ministry of Justice. The current Home Secretary is The Rt Hon. Theresa May, MP appointed on 12 May 2010 to serve in the Conservative-Liberal Democratic coalition government.

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Soering V United Kingdom - Facts
... the arrest of Söring, and he was committed to await the Home Secretary's order to extradite him to the United States ... for judicial review, stating that Söring's request was premature, as the Home Secretary had not yet accepted the assurance ... He, then, petitioned the Home Secretary without success, the latter authorising extradition on 3 August 1988 ...
Civil Liberties In The United Kingdom - New Labour
... A and Others v Secretary of State for the Home Department UKHL 17, the majority of the House of Lords decided that the detention without trial under the ATCSA ... Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, the government in response to A's case passed this allows the Home Secretary to impose control orders on any British citizen ... Anybody suspected of terrorist related activities by the Home Secretary, but without any kind of trial, can be electronically tagged, monitored, be restricted from making phone ...
Theresa May - Home Secretary - May 2010 To Date
... On 12 May 2010, May was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron as part of his first cabinet ... Thatcher (Prime Minister), Margaret Beckett (Foreign Secretary) and Jacqui Smith (Home Secretary) ... May's debut as Home Secretary involved overturning several of the previous Labour government's measures on data collection and surveillance in England and Wales ...
Case Of The Hooded Man - Further Appeals and Execution
... A copy of the letter was sent to the Home Secretary, Reginald McKenna, along with a statement by Florence Seymour in which she claimed that her confession had. 35,000 signatures requesting a reprieve was sent to the Home Secretary ... Robert Munro, MP for Wick Burghs, made a speech asking the Home Secretary to take into account the conflicting accounts, lack of any direct evidence, and the way the judge had directed the jury, and pardon ...

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    ... the wife of an executive would be a better wife had she been a secretary first. As a secretary, you learn to adjust to the boss’s moods. Many marriages would be happier if the wife would do that.
    Anne Bogan, U.S. executive secretary. As quoted in Working, book 1, by Studs Terkel (1973)

    When they are not at war they do a little hunting, but spend most of their time in idleness, sleeping and eating. The strongest and most warlike do nothing. They vegetate, while the care of hearth and home and fields is left to the women, the old and the weak. Strange inconsistency of temperament, which makes the same men lovers of sloth and haters of tranquility.
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