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Pro-democracy Politicians

Before the handover some pro-democracy Hong Kong politicians, such as Margaret Ng, Emily Lau and Christine Loh attempted to use their British Citizen passports to enter mainland China because they were denied from applying for a Home Return Permit. These were rare occasions since they were considered to be detrimental to China. Without the permit they are denied from entering mainland China; however, those politicians are still PRC citizens under the Chinese nationality law; acquisition of PRC citizenship of ethnic Chinese residents in Hong Kong is involuntary, although they may elect to forfeit their Chinese citizenship if they hold a foreign nationality, except the British National (Overseas) status and the British citizenship obtained in the British Nationality Selection Scheme.

Albert Ho, who had his Home Return Permit taken away by the Central government, ran for chief executive in 2012. During the election campaign, Henry Tang pledged that if he became the next Chief executive, he would talk to Beijing to try and get him his permit back. Leung gave a more generic response that did not answer to Ho specifically. He said if he became the next Chief executive, his door is wide open, and he welcomes anyone to come to him to seek for help.

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