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Hodgson DNA Analysis

The Hodgson DNA Project was launched in 2001. As with other surname projects Y-DNA -- which is always and only passed from father to son—is used. Analysis of Y-DNA data from this project confirms the Irish-Norse origins of the Hodgson surname. (See Norse-Gaels.) Using several methods (see Hodgson 2008) Hodgson Y-DNA is roughly one-third Norse and 5-10 per cent Danish, most of the remainder being similar to indigenous British or Irish. This Irish component can be explained by the fact that the Viking invaders of Cumbria in the tenth century came from Ireland. Furthermore, about 26 per cent Norwegian Y-DNA is similar to that of the Irish (Helgason et al. 2000).

The proportion of Norse blood among Hodgsons is much higher than in the British population as a whole. Stephen Oppenheimer (2006, p. 462) estimates that about 6 per cent of Y-DNA in the British Isles is of Norwegian Origin.

Y-DNA data show that the proportion of inhabitants with Norse paternal ancestry from Shetland and Orkney are 42 and 37 per cent respectively, by the highest known estimates (Sykes 2006, p. 194). These islands are known to be areas of dense Norse settlement. The proportion of Hodgsons with Norse paternal ancestry is close to that found on Shetland and Orkney.

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