Hkdlr - Performance of The Resort - October 2006 – Present

October 2006 – Present

Annual Passes were introduced and released by the Disney park in September 2006 after its success in selling 60,000 Summer Passes. The theme park also continued to lure more visitors by holding Disney's Halloween for the very first time in October 2006. However, the Halloween event could hardly help boosting the attendance, but the park planned to have a larger and more scary Disney's Haunted Halloween event in 2007 with an exclusive new attraction called Main Street Haunted Hotel and a new night-time 7-float festive parade during the event period. Furthermore, Hong Kong Disneyland extended the length of most festive celebrations, such as Christmas and Chinese New Year, in the year of 2006–2007. It also introduced Pirate Takeover to celebrate the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End from May 2007 throughout summer 2007. However, the Hong Kong park's attendance continued to be disappointing according to the Walt Disney Company's third-quarter performance released in August 2007. In addition, the South China Morning Post estimated the attendance of Hong Kong Disneyland will reach 4 million in its second year, far lower than its first year of operation, citing unnamed sources. The SCMP's sources are still unknown, and some of its speculation is a bit overly optimistic. In the first year, Hong Kong Disney purportedly missed its attendance target of 5.6 million by 400,000. And that year the park reported a loss of 363 million Hong Kong dollar (46.5 million USD). In the second year (2007), the park reported a loss of HK$1.261 billion (161 million USD). If Hong Kong Disney were priced to break even in the first year, the expected per visitor spending at the park must be at least $906 Hong Kong ($116 US). Assuming the same per visitor spending at the park for 2007, the park attracted about 4.2 million people. However, the most expensive full-fare ticket one can purchase from Hong Kong Disney is just $350 HK ($45 US). Therefore, in all likelihood, Hong Kong Disney has attracted far fewer visitors than 4 million in 2007.

In December 2007, the Disney park admitted that the park had only attracted 4 million visitors in the year 2006–2007, which had fallen 23 percent when compared to the first year attendance. In order to attract more visitors, the park has announced to add four new attractions, apart from the already-announced It's a Small World, in 2008.

In February 2008, the Walt Disney Company announced that the attendance of Hong Kong Disneyland had increased, according to the company's first-quarter performance. Besides, the park attendance is expected to be boosted in 2008 after the opening of the new attraction, "it's a small world", and other new additions such as High School Musical: LIVE!, Muppet Mobile Lab and Turtle Talk with Crush. Also, the Walt Disney Company is now negotiating with the Hong Kong government in starting the Phase 1 Extension next to Adventureland. Some construction works have been started in Adventureland since May 2008.

In August 2008, according to the reports of the local newspapers, the attendance of Hong Kong Disneyland has improved, and it may reach 4.5 million in the third year of operation (2007–2008). Speculation is that the attendance may even reach 5.6 million, according to South China Morning Post.

Due to the success of the Halloween event in 2007, Hong Kong Disneyland announced the return of Disney's Haunted Halloween in mid September to 1 November 2008 in order to compete with the Halloween event held by its local competitor, Ocean Park. Hong Kong Disneyland Park will expand the festive atmosphere into Adventureland and add a brand new haunted house attraction: Demon Jungle, beyond the Disneyland Railroad track. Also, Main Street Haunted Hotel will also be back in Main Street, U.S.A. with new additions.

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