Hits FM (Nepal)

Hits FM (Nepal)

Hits FM (Nepali:हिट्स एफएम) is a popular radio station based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a subsidiary of Hits Nepal Pvt. Ltd., which was established in January 1996. It went on air in April 1996. It is now available 24 hours daily on 91.2 MHz. It's philosophy, "is to hire presenters who are "fresh" - thus ensuring originality and also the ability to shape the presenters in accordance to overall goals and objectives of Hits Nepal Pvt. Ltd."

Hits FM maintains weekly music chart. The most followed charts are Hits Xpress (Bollywood Songs), Megatops Chart (English Songs), and Hits Countdown (Nepali Songs).

It is one of the most listened FM stations in the country, with one of the highest rated shows. It is ranked among top 40 radio stations in the World (Asia, Africa, Australia, South America) by UK and Irish Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet.

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... The commercial advertisements in Hits FM are rated according to peak listening time ... It is rated in five different categories, namely Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Brass ...

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