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CIC Branch

In 1987, a Cadet Instructor Branch Advisory Committee (then known as Cadet Instructors List) was officially created, providing representation in Ottawa for CIC officers. CFAO 2-10 states as follows: "Personnel branches were created to enable members of the Canadian Forces in related occupations to identify with each other in cohesive professional groups. These groups are based on similarity of military roles, customs and traditions".

From 2000-2002, a job analysis was performed by the Directorate of Cadets to better understand the duties and responsibilities of CIC Officers. This led to the design and development of a new course structure where training is for the position, rather than for promotion. The course content is more relevant to the role of CIC officers in the 21st century, including topics such as adolescent development, ethics and advanced instructional techniques, resulting in a more robust and up-to-date training program. The first course, the CIC Basic Officer Training Course (BOTC) was launched in 2009. It mirrors the relative parts of all Basic Officer Training to introduce new members of the CF to the military ethos. Other courses will be introduced progressively over time.

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... In the summer of 2008 on the recommendation of the CIC Branch Advisor, the Director History Heritage authorized the creation of a CIC Branch/Camp Flag to recognize the CIC Centennial year ... (Militia), the predecessor of the CIC Branch ... is made up of the three Canadian Forces elemental colours behind a centred CIC Branch badge ...
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... Nearly half of all CIC Branch members have previous service in the Regular or Primary Reserve ... While a university degree is not a requirement for enrolment in the CIC Branch, many of the younger members are university students and most of the older officers ... are required to take the Basic Officer Training Course and CIC Occupational Training Course that together involve seven weeks of distance learning and 16 ...

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