History of The Byzantine Empire

History Of The Byzantine Empire

This article continues the History of the Roman Empire, referring mainly to the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire. It begins with the division of the Roman Empire by Diocletian in 286 AD, and the founding of Constantinople (officially called "Second Rome" and later "New Rome") as the capital of the Roman Empire by Constantine I in 330, while it concludes with the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 and the Fall of Trebizond in 1461.

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Byzantine Greece - Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire
... to Italy, sacked Rome in 410, and built the Visigothic Empire in Iberia and southern France, which lasted until 711 with the advent of the Arabs ... Greece remained part of the relatively unified eastern half of the empire ... of the Roman and later the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire ...
History Of The Byzantine Empire - Aftermath
... XI, Andreas Palaeologos had inherited the defunct title of Byzantine Emperor and used it from 1465 until his death in 1503 ... By the end of the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire had established its firm rule over Asia Minor and parts of the Balkan peninsula ... successors continued to consider themselves proper heirs to the Byzantine Empire until the demise of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century ...
Byzantine Greece
... The history of Byzantine Greece mainly coincides with the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire ...
Islamic Gold Dinar - Background
... Although there was a dictum that the Byzantine solidus was not to be used outside of the Byzantine empire, there was some trade that involved these coins which then did ... supplies of gold from the upper Nile - began to circulate in areas outside of the Byzantine empire ...
Sabir People
... power in a huge raid south of the Caucasus, in which they attacked Iranian and Byzantine lands with scrupulous impartiality" ... Persia, switched their allegiance to the Byzantines in 552 and invaded the Caucasus ... Byzantine documents normally refer to Sabirs as Sabiroi, although the Byzantine Emperor Constantinos Porphyrogenetos (Constantine VII, 908-959) writes in his ...

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