History of Pakistan

History of Pakistan
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AJK · Balochistan · G-B · KP · Punjab · Sindh Timeline of Pakistan

Soanian People ~500,000
Mehrgarh Culture 7000–2800
Indus Valley Civilization 3300–1750
Vedic Civilization 2000–600
Greek Kingdom 250 BCE–11 BCE
Gandhara Civilization 200 BCE–1000 CE
Indo-Scythian Kingdom 200 BCE–400 CE
Seleucid Empire 312 BCE–63 BCE
Achaemenid Empire 550 BCE–330 BCE
Indo-Parthian Kingdom 21–130
Kushan Empire 30–375
Indo-Sassanids 240–410
Hephthalite 420–567
Rai Dynasty 489–632
Umayyad Caliphate 661–750
Pala Empire 770–850
Ghaznavid Empire 963–1187
Mamluk dynasty 1206–1290
Khilji dynasty 1290–1320
Tughlaq dynasty 1320–1413
Sayyid dynasty 1414–1451
Lodhi dynasty 1451–1526
Mughal Empire 1526–1858
Durrani Empire 1747–1823
Maratha Empire 1758–1760
Sikh Confederacy 1733–1805
Sikh Empire 1799–1849
British Indian Empire 1849–1947
Dominion of Pakistan 1947–1956
Islamic Republic since 1956

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