History of New York City (prehistory–1664)

History Of New York City (prehistory–1664)

Lenape and New Netherland
New Amsterdam
British and Revolution
Federal and early American
Tammany and Consolidation
Early 20th century
Post–World War II
Modern and post-9/11

The history of New York City was influenced by the prehistoric geological formation during the last ice age of the territory that is today New York City. The area was long inhabited by the Lenape; after initial European exploration in the 16th century, the Dutch established New Amsterdam around 1624. In 1664, the English conquered the area and renamed it New York.

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History Of New York City (prehistory–1664) - Arrival of The English
... in modern Brooklyn and troops marched to capture the ferry across the East River to the city with minimal resistance the governor at the time, Peter ... The date of 1664 appeared on New YorkCity's corporate seal until 1975, when the date was changed to 1625 to reflect the year of Dutch incorporation as a city ... The English renamed the colony New York after the king's brother James, Duke of Yorkand on June 12, 1665 appointed Thomas Willett the first of the mayors of New York ...

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