History of ITV Television Idents - Corporate Images - November 2006 – January 2013

November 2006 – January 2013

The next presentation of ITV1 was launched on 13 November 2006, just 10 months after the last new look. Following the issues with the previous one, the themes were changed slightly: the logo remained the same shape and style, but with the letters itv changed to black so as to contrast with the yellow of the logo better.

The ident films themselves were scrapped and a new set created following the theme of "Alive with Colour" with ITV promoting the new idents as the "second phase" of the look introduced in January. The idents, based on the previous set by Red Bee Media, were designed by The Mill and produced by Blink Productions and Pleix include surreal scenes featuring yellow colours to the same audio track.

The look launched with six idents: 'Beach', 'Bike', 'Lake', 'Market', 'Basketball' and 'Pavement Art', with another 4 added on 3 September 2007 which runs in tandem with the previous ones. These latest idents included an ITV1 logo that was bigger than the ones launched in 2006, but retained the same soundtrack. In April 2010, ITV1 HD was launched, featuring an updated glossier logo based on that of ITV1. In response, ITV1 changed their logo to the glossier version and launched another four idents. These latest idents have been noticeably different to their predecessors: the logo was once again larger and faded on in parts. They also featured individual soundtracks based on those previously and the style of the ident themselves, namely the shooting of them, was very different to those before them. They were accompanied on screen by updated programme promotions, end credit promotions, stings and break bumpers.

Because of these changes, all of the idents were updated with the new logo, including making it bigger in many places. However, the soundtracks remained the same causing some to question why the other idents weren't changed with the new looks. Viewer opinions suggest that the original music is unpopular, but the ident package itself generally popular. This has been the longest lasting ITV generic look to date, lasting far longer than the 1999 Hearts, and being kept by far more companies and for longer collectively than the 1989 Generic look. The primary criticisms of the look have been the scrapping of regional idents. All regions are introduced with a national ident and the region is not referenced to in the announcement. The exception to the rule is ITV1 Wales, with includes the word 'Wales' either underneath the ident or located in the bottom left hand corner of the ident. The Wales ident is used before all programming except overnight.

This new look is only seen in some areas of the ITV network however:

  • All ITV plc companies of Anglia, Border, Carlton, Central, Granada, HTV Wales, HTV West, LWT, Meridian, Tyne Tees, Westcountry and Yorkshire Television have adopted the look.
  • UTV refused to adopt the look, instead opting for their in house produced postcard idents of Northern Ireland landscapes.
  • The STV Group plc companies of Scottish Television and Grampian Television refused the look, instead continuing their STV arrow picture idents.
  • Channel Television only used it on national programming and continues with the January 2006 look with their own landscape pictures before regional programming. However the new logo did appear on some network promotions on the station, due to their network link from ITV Meridian being 'unclean'. From 2011, all regional programmes were preceded with new idents featuring the new ITV1 logo of 2010.

The idents include:

Name Description Air dates
Beach The ident starts as a simple beach scene when the yellow windbreak suddenly bursts out to the side and starts to fly up soon to be joined by an orange wind break. The logo appears from behind the windbreak. Edited in April 2010 November 2006 – January 2013
Lake A single person rows a small wooden rowing boat with schools of yellow and orange fish swimming in the lake below. The logo appears from behind a tree. Edited in April 2010 November 2006 – January 2013
Bike A woman rides a bike at night through a dark street only lit by street lamps. Fireflies swarm around the street lamps. The logo comes out from the side of a tree. Edited in April 2010 November 2006 – January 2013
Market An ornate curtain floats up revealing an exotic street market. The camera follows one man then follows a second man through the market. Throughout the ident, small yellow birds fly round. The logo appears from behind the second man. Edited in April 2010 November 2006 – January 2013
Basketball An Ivy like plant grows up the back of a basketball hoop. The camera pans round revealing the full basketball court. The green plants start to cover the whole court and yellow flowers begin to grow. The logo sprouts open like a flower when the yellow flowers open on the back of the basketball hoop. Edited in April 2010 November 2006 – January 2013
Pavement Art The ident starts with several people painting large yellow stripes on what first appears to be a pavement. We soon see they are actually painting on a rooftop as the camera pans over the edge of the building. The yellow stripes continue down the side of the building and onto the ground below where they form unusual patterns. The logo appears on the ground when the camera moves over the edge of the roof. Edited in April 2010 November 2006 – January 2013
Bubbles People in a park are blowing bubbles of all different sizes. Soon several very large bubbles come into shot and float up. The logo is revealed behind one of the large bubbles floating up. Edited in April 2010. September 2007 – January 2013
Garden In a family's back garden, the camera moves into the undergrowth revealing a whole new miniature garden where yellow flowers and mushrooms grow as a butterfly flies round. The logo is revealed as the butterfly flies over. Edited in April 2010 September 2007 – January 2013
Buildings The ident starts with some people enjoying lunch shaded by large yellow and white umbrellas. We soon see they are surrounded by many tall buildings. As the buildings are revealed, the windows start to shimmer, then the windows start to open like shutters producing yellow reflections. The logo is revealed in a series of shutter type movements amongst the windows. Edited in April 2010 September 2007 – January 2013
Fountains A man walks down a large dark alley full of puddles. Soon after the man turns into a smaller alley, yellow fountains start to erupt from the puddles lighting up the alley. The logo fades in amongst the fountains. Edited in April 2010 September 2007 – January 2013
Sunflowers A dark field soon erupts with colour as hundreds of Sunflowers all open up to face the sun and sway in the wind. The logo fades in as three parts. First aired Friday 9 April 2010. April 2010 – January 2013
Lanterns People at a festival all release Chinese lanterns which slowly float up into the night sky. The logo is revealed behind one of the lanterns. First aired Friday 9 April 2010. The ident was later withdrawn because the National Farmers Union criticized ITV of the dangers of Chinese lanterns. April 2010 – August 2010
Snakes and Ladders A team of builders and painters are doing work on a large building with the help of scaffolding resembling a Snakes and Ladders game board. Some workmen keep abseiling down the scaffolding and pallets of building materials are lifted up. The logo fades in as three parts and becomes part of the scene with the workmen seen in front of it. First aired Sunday 11 April 2010. April 2010 – January 2013
Dodgems At a fairground, dodgem cars suddenly start moving by themselves and start to perform a routine. The logo fades in as three parts. First aired Saturday 17 April. April 2010 – January 2013
Christmas 2008/2009 ITV1 launched a new festive on-screen package in 2008, the package consisted of one ident, 11 break bumpers, and festive versions of promos, end credit promotion and holding boards. The ident starts with a gold animated sketch style star bursting open followed by a gold tree. Various Christmas related items are seen floating round the tree in the same gold sketch style. The ident featured an edited arrangement of the regular ident music. First aired Saturday 13 December 2008, and seen again next year from Saturday 19 December.
Christmas 2010 A new festive presentation package was introduced on the channel in December 2010. The package featured one ident, four break bumpers and festive promos, but this year's package was lacking festive versions of the end credit promotions. The ident starts with lots of small fairies carrying a large glass looking '1' and putting it into place within the large golden ITV1 logo. Throughout the ident, several other small fairies are carrying smaller '1' symbols. This is all set in the night sky above a lit up city. First aired Saturday 11 December.
Christmas 2011 This year ITV1 decided to use their existing idents but with the addition of the Text Santa characters appearing on screen interacting with the logo. Text Santa is ITV's Christmas charity initiative and the branding features a range of characters known as 'Santa's Little Helpers'. The break bumpers also follow suit with the characters appearing and interacting with the logo. First aired Saturday 10 December.
Christmas 2012 For 2012, the presentation package is themed upon a golden, magic Christmas tree, made up of various ornaments, including tin soldiers and baubles. Three different variations of the ident were produced, one which revolves around a train set, another which adds the Rovers Return and The Woolpack pubs - references to Coronation Street and Emmerdale respectively - within the tree. Both these idents end with the golden tree placed in the corner of a house, next to a fireplace with a gold coloured 'ITV1' logo appearing at the bottom left corner of the screen. The third variation of the ident focuses on reindeer merry-go-round with the 'ITV1' logo on top of it. This version of the ident will be used to introduce news bulletins, the Queen's speech and other serious programming over this festive period. First aired Saturday 1 December, which is the earliest date that ITV have ever began using Christmas presentation.

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