Hister Beetles

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Histeridae - Importance in Forensics
... Certain species of the Hister beetles follow shortly behind and prey on the maggots and other arthropods present ... The Hister beetle is more prevalent in Spring and Summer ... They are predacious beetles and arrive when there is material to feed on, like other beetles or maggots ...
Histeridae - Habitat
... Hister beetles are found throughout the world in various habitats ... been located in North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, but each Hister beetle occupies certain niches ... The beetles live in dung, carrion, dead vegetation, sandy areas, under tree bark, mammal burrows, and ant/termite colonies ...
Histeridae - Current Research
... The predacious Hister beetles will feed on the various insects on the body, primarily Diptera ... If the Histeridae beetles are present, the investigator can assume that some of the other insects have been eaten by the Hister beetles ... Forty species of Coleoptera, including the Hister beetles, were observed on twelve pig carcasses over a one year period ...
... Histeridae is a family of beetles commonly known as Clown beetles or Hister beetles ... This very diverse group of beetles contains 3,900 species found worldwide ... This family of beetles will occupy almost any kind of niche throughout the world ...

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