Hirogen - Plot


Sometime around the year 2374, the USS Voyager encounter the Hirogen when the crew uses an apparently abandoned ancient communications network to send a message to the Alpha Quadrant. It is not clear if the Hirogen created the technology or merely appropriated it for their use; but they vigorously object to its use by Voyager. Sensing Voyager to be worthy prey, the Hirogen attack in force. Voyager's weapon systems are initially unable to penetrate the hull armor of the Hirogen fighter craft. Many conflicts ensue between Hirogen and Voyager as the aliens continue their ritualistic hunt; but, under Captain Janeway's guidance, the Starfleet crew is able to survive each encounter.

In 2377, one of the final confrontations between Voyager and a Hirogen war party is so devastating to both sides that a cease-fire was reached, an unprecedented event in the entirety of Hirogen history. The Alpha in charge of the Hirogen raiding party had initially invaded Voyager in the hopes of obtaining holographic technology; and, though he fell during the combat, Janeway delivered the technology to his successor. The Alpha acknowledged that, by chasing 'prey' across the entire Quadrant, the Hirogen people were losing all cultural and national unity and would eventually be overcome by other species. By creating holographic hunts, with the safety systems off, they could continue to have lethal and challenging hunts while remaining united in a single portion of space. Unfortunately, the Hirogen program their holographic prey too well—the hologram warriors are programmed to learn from each "death", and their combat abilities increase exponentially. This eventually reaches the logical conclusion of the prey becoming the predators, and it is only the intervention of the Voyager crew that prevents the Hirogen's utter extermination.

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