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2ct7 - Effects - Negative
... muscle tremors and/or convulsions memory loss (at higher doses) potential trigger of HPPD delirium (at higher doses) (potentially dangerous) violent behavior (at higher doses) tachycardia The ... Use of 2C-T-7 as a nootropic at low doses of 1–10 mg has been reported, and it may be useful for this purpose in a similar manner to LSD, which shows modest stimulant and nootropic effects at doses of 10 µg ...
Effect Of Caffeine On Memory - Long-term Memory - Negative Effects of Caffeine On Long-term Memory
... Caffeine was given before the task in varying doses, with low doses to start (11.55 mg/kg) and higher doses in the end (92.4 mg/kg) ... However, caffeine administered at higher doses resulted in decreased retention time of the task from 180 seconds to 105 seconds ... Lower doses of caffeine had little to no effect on retention time ...
Crystal Oscillator - Stability and Aging
... type and pressure of the gas in the enclosure, interfering modes, and presence and absorbed dose of ionizing and neutron radiation ... SC), the presence and absorbed dose of γ-particles and ionizing radiation, and the age of the crystal ... frequency, artificial crystals return to frequency slightly lower or higher than pre-irradiation, swept crystals anneal virtually back to original ...

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