High Pitched Beeping

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Terror Of The Zygons - Plot
... On an oil rig off the coast of Scotland, high pitched beeping echoes through the structure, and it begins to break apart, collapsing into the North ... A high pitched beeping summons a creature from the depths that heads towards the Ben Nevis rig ... The rig's communications with Huckle are jammed by the beeping ...

Famous quotes containing the words high and/or pitched:

    Everything tends to make us believe that there exists a certain point of the mind at which life and death, the real and the imagined, past and future, the communicable and the incommunicable, high and low, cease to be perceived as contradictions.
    André Breton (1896–1966)

    At no time in history ... have the people who are not fit for society had such a glorious opportunity to pretend that society is not fit for them. Knowledge of the slums is at present a passport to society—so much the parlor philanthropists have achieved—and all they have to do is to prove that they know their subject. It is an odd qualification to have pitched on; but gentlemen and ladies are always credulous, especially if you tell them that they are not doing their duty.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)