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Superconducting Magnet - Construction - Materials
... The maximum magnetic field achievable in a superconducting magnet is limited by the field at which the winding material ceases to be superconducting, its 'critical field', Hc, which for type-II. 4.2 K they are able to withstand a much higher magnetic field intensity, up to 25 to 30 teslas ... why sometimes a combination of Nb3Sn for the high field sections and NbTi for the lower field sections is used ...
IMPATT Diode - Device Structure
... strong dependence of the ionization coefficient on the electric field, most of the electron–hole pairs are generated in the high field region ... The Read diode consists of two regions (i) The Avalanche region (a region with relatively high doping and high field) in which avalanche multiplication occurs and (ii) the drift region (a ... The diode is mounted with its highfield region close to a copper heatsink so that the heat generated at the diode junction can be readily dissipated ...
Alcator C-Mod - History - Alcator A
... problem of the plasma resistivity at high values of the streaming parameter, as well as the behavior of magnetically confined plasmas at very high field strengths (≥ 10 T) ... Laboratory, led by Bruce Montgomery, to design a compact (0.54 m major radius), high-field (10 T on axis) tokamak which he titled Alcator ... the Italian Alto Campo Toro, which means "high-field torus" ...
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - Applications - Earth's Field NMR
... In the Earth's magnetic field, NMR frequencies are in the audio frequency range, or the very low frequency and ultra low frequency bands of the radio ... Earth's field NMR (EFNMR) is typically stimulated by applying a relatively strong dc magnetic field pulse to the sample and, after the end of the pulse, analyzing the resulting low frequency alternating magnetic ... Their inexpensive portable nature makes these instruments valuable for field use and for teaching the principles of NMR and MRI ...

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