High Explosive Incendiary

High Explosive Incendiary

In warfare, High-explosive incendiary (HEI) is a type of ammunition specially designed to impart energy and therefore damage to its target in one or both of two ways: via a high-explosive charge and/or via its incendiary (fire-causing) effects. Each round has both capabilities.

HEI ammunition is fused either mechanically or chemically. The armor-piercing ability can vary widely, allowing for more focused fragmentation or larger scatter.

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High Explosive Incendiary - Employment
... but, since the invention of modern battle armour, such as Chobham, and Explosive Reactive Armour, these shells have become less and less practical for ... Incendiary shells are no longer in use by many countries, due to bans on the use of phosphorus weapons ... the target using kinetic energy before the incendiary charge ignites, smothering the crew in flames, detonating ammunition, and destroying the target ...
... Picratol is a high explosive mixture, comprising 52% 'Explosive D' and 48% TNT ... As a result it proved useful as the main explosive filling in armour-piercing shells and aerial bombs ... Picratol is an obsolete explosive and is therefore unlikely to be encountered, except in the form of legacy munitions and unexploded ordnance ...
M242 Bushmaster - Ammunition
... M792 High Explosive Incendiary with Tracer and Self Destruct 5.5 million rounds produced The HEI-T can destroy unarmored vehicles and helicopters and suppress antitank missile ... produced The TP-T cartridge is a fixed-type, percussion-primed training round that matches the High Explosive Incendiary with Tracer (HEI-T MK210) round ballistically ... MK210 High Explosive Incendiary with Tracer 228,000 rounds produced Used by the U ...
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... An explosive material, also called an explosive, is a reactive substance that contains a great amount of potential energy that can produce an explosion if released suddenly ... An explosive charge is a measured quantity of explosive material ... This potential energy stored in an explosive material may be chemical energy, such as nitroglycerin or grain dust pressurized gas, such as a gas cylinder or ...
High Explosive Incendiary/Armor Piercing Ammunition
... High Explosive Incendiary/Armor Piercing Ammunition (HEIAP) is a form of shell which combines both an armor-piercing capability and a high-explosive effect ... may also be called Semi-armor-piercing high-explosive incendiary (SAPHEI) ... is usually possible from a 7.62mm round, HEIAP munitions use high explosives to "blast a path" for the penetrator ...

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