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Herbig–Haro Object - Infrared Counterparts (MHOs)
... Herbig–Haro (HH) objects associated with very young stars or very massive protostars are often hidden from view at optical wavelengths by the cloud of gas and dust from which they form ... Such deeply embedded objects can only be observed at infrared or radio wavelengths, usually in the light of hot molecular hydrogen or warm carbon monoxide emission ... In recent years, infrared images have revealed dozens of examples of "infrared HH objects" ...
Herbig–Haro Object - Proper Motions and Variability
... Spectroscopic observations of HH objects show they are moving away from the source stars at speeds of 100 to 1000 km/s ... Space Telescope observations has revealed the proper motion of many HH objects in observations spaced several years apart ... These observations have also allowed estimates of the distances of some HH objects via the expansion parallax method ...

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