A hexamer is a thing composed out of six sub-units.

In chemistry, a hexamer is one specific case of oligomer, a molecule composed of six linked monomer units.

In microbiology, a hexamer is one of the proteins composing the polyhedral protein shell that encloses the bacterial micro-compartments known as carboxysomes.

A random hexamer or random hexonucleotides are primers used for various PCR applications such as rolling circle amplification to prime the DNA synthesis.

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Table of Putative Morpheeins
... coli EC 9068-30-8 dimer, trimer, hexamer Conformationally distinct oligomeric forms Citrate synthase Escherichia coli EC 9027-96-7 monomer, dimer, trimer, tetramer, pentamer, hexamer, dodecamer ... coli EC 9030-21-1 trimer, 2 hexamers Oligomer-dependent kinetic parameters Pyruvate kinase Homo sapiens EC 9001-59-6 active and inactive dimers, active tetramer, monomer ...
Insulin - Protein Structure
... Insulin is produced and stored in the body as a hexamer (a unit of six insulin molecules), while the active form is the monomer ... The hexamer is an inactive form with long-term stability, which serves as a way to keep the highly reactive insulin protected, yet readily available ... The hexamer-monomer conversion is one of the central aspects of insulin formulations for injection ...
Liberal Party Of Canada Candidates, 1984 Canadian Federal Election - Ontario - Brant: Peter Hexamer
... Peter Hexamer is a retired electrical contractor in Brantford ... After retiring as an electrical contractor, Hexamer started a manufacturing firm and has been credited with inventing a new, highly reliable form of bicycle lock ...
Hemocyanin - Explanation
... hemocyanin was arranged in protein sub-complexes of 6 subunits (hexamer) each with one oxygen binding site binding of oxygen on one unit in the complex would increase the affinity of the neighboring units ... Each hexamer complex was arranged together to form a larger complex of dozens of hexamers ... In one study, cooperative binding was found to be dependent on hexamers being arranged together in the larger complex, suggesting cooperative binding between hexamers ...