Heterochord Musical Bows

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List Of Chordophones By Hornbostel–Sachs Number - Chordophones (3) - Simple Chordophones or Zithers (31) - Bar or Stick Zithers (311)
311.1 Musical bows - The string bearer is flexible (and curved). 311.11 Idiochord musical bows - The string is cut from the bark of the cane, remaining attached at each end. 311.111 Mono-idiochord musical bows - Containing one string only 311.112 Poly-idiochord musical bows or harp-bows - Containing several strings that pass over some type of bridge ...

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    Come with bows bent and with emptying of quivers,
    Maiden most perfect,lady of light,
    —A.C. (Algernon Charles)

    That vast moth-eaten musical brocade
    Created to pretend we never die ...
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)