Herman of Carinthia

Herman Dalmatin or Herman of Carinthia (c. 1100 – c. 1160), also known in Latin as Sclavus Dalmata, Secundus, was a philosopher, astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, translator and author.

Among Adelard of Bath, John of Seville, Gerard of Cremona (1114–1187) and Plato of Tivoli (1134–1145) Herman is the most important translator of Arabic astronomical works in 12th century and populariser of Arabic culture in Europe. The influence of his translations on the development of medieval European astronomy was especially large.

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Herman Of Carinthia - Original Contributions
... In this work Herman deals with five Aristotelian categories (causa, motus, spatium, tempus, habitudo) ... Some other works are believed to be Herman's meteorological Liber imbrium (A book about precipitations) (1140 to 1141) astrological De indagatione cordis (About ... De compositione et usu astrolabii (before 1143 – Herman was certainly interested in the Astrolabe – the portrait shows Herman with one) Many medieval authors refer to Herman's work, for ...