Herefordshire (UK Parliament Constituency) - Members of Parliament - 1290–1604


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Constituency created (1290)

Parliament First member Second member
1290 Sir Roger le Rous
1315 Sir Hugh de Croft
1318 Sir Roger Chandos
1330 John le Rous
1336–1337 John le Rous
1340 John le Rous
1340 Sir Roger Chandos
1343 John le Rous
1343 Sir Roger Chandos
1355 Sir Thomas Chandos
1355 Sir Richard de la Bere
1360 Sir Thomas Chandos
1370 Sir Thomas Chandos
1376 Peter de la Mare
1377 (Oct) Peter de la Mare
1380s Peter de la Mare
1384 Kynard de la Bere
1386 Kynard de la Bere Sir Thomas de la Barre
1388 (Feb) Leonard Hakluyt Richard Nash
1388 (Sep) Malcolm de la Mare William Seymour
1390 (Jan) (Sir) Kynard de la Bere Thomas Oldcastle
1390 (Nov) Roger Wigmore Richard Nash
1391 Sir Robert Whitney Roger Wigmore
1393 Sir John Chandos Thomas Oldcastle
1394 (SIR) Leonard Hakluyt Thomas Clanvowe
1395 Sir John Chandos Thomas Walwyn I
1397 (Jan) (Sir) Thomas Clanvowe Thomas Walwyn II
1397 (Sep) (Sir) Thomas Clanvowe John Skydemore
1399 (Sir) Kynard de la Bere Thomas Walwyn II
1401 Sir Walter Devereux Sir John Greyndoe
1402 Sir Thomas de la Barre Philip Holgot
1404 (Jan) Sir John Oldcastle Thomas Walwyn II
1404 (Oct) Sir John Greyndore Thomas Walwyn II
1406 John ap Harry Thomas Holgot
1407 John ap Harry Thomas Holgot
1410 John ap Harry Thomas Holgot
1413 (Feb)
1413 (May) Thomas de la Hay Thomas Holgot
1414 (Apr) (Sir) John Skydemore John Russell
1414 (Nov) (Sir) John Skydemore Thomas Holgot
1416 (Mar) Sir Thomas de la Barre Sir Robert Whitney II
1416 (Oct)
1417 John Russell Thomas Holgot
1419 John Russell John Merbury
1420 John Russell John Brugge
1421 (May) John Russell John Merbury
1421 (Dec) John Russell John Merbury
1422 John Russell
1423 John Russell
1426 John Russell
1429 John Russell
1431 John Russell Giles Brydges
1450 (Nov) Walter Devereux, 7th Baron Ferrers of Chartley
1432 John Russell
1433 John Russell
1455 Giles Brydges
1471 Sir Richard Croft
1472 Thomas Brydges
1476 Sir James Baskerville
1510–1515 No Names Known
1523 Sir Richard Cornwall ?
1529 Sir Richard Cornwall, died
and replaced c.1533 by
James Baskerville
John Rudhale, died
and replaced c.1532 by
John Scudamore
1539 George Cornwall John Lingen
1542 ?John Vaughan James Croft
1547 James Baskerville John Gwillim
1553 (Mar)
1553 (Oct) Humphrey Coningsby Stephen Parry
1554 (Apr) John Lingen John Baskerville
1554 (Nov) Richard Sebourne Thomas Havard
1555 John Baskerville Stephen Parry
1558 Gregory Price John Pateshall
1559 (Jan) Sir Robert Whitney Humphrey Coningsby
1562–1563 Sir James Croft James Warnecombe
1571 Sir James Croft John Scudamore
1572 (Apr) Sir James Croft John Scudamore
1584 (Nov) Sir James Croft John Scudamore
1586 (Oct) Sir James Croft John Scudamore
1588 (Oct) Sir James Croft John Scudamore
1593 Sir Thomas Coningsby Herbert Croft
1597 (Sep) Sir Thomas Coningsby Sir John Scudamore
1601 Sir Thomas Coningsby Sir Herbert Croft

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