Helix (multimedia Project)

Helix (multimedia Project)

Helix DNA is a project to produce software that can play audio and video media in various formats, aid in producing such media, and serve them over a network. It is intended as a largely free and open source digital media framework that runs on numerous operating systems and processors (including mobile phones) and was started by RealNetworks which has contributed much of the code. The Helix Community is an open collaborative effort to develop and extend the Helix DNA platform.

Helix DNA Client is the multi-platform multi-format media playback engine. Helix Player is a media player that runs on Linux, Solaris, Symbian and FreeBSD and is built on top of Helix DNA Client. Helix DNA Producer is an application that can aid in the production of media files, and Helix DNA Server can stream media files over a network.

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... HelixDNA Producer Original author(s RealNetworks Stable release 11 Operating system MS Windows,Linux,Mac OS X Type Media encoder License RealNetworks Community Source License RealNetworks Public Source ... The HelixDNA Producer runs on MS Windows,Linux and Mac OS X ... The HelixDNA Producer contains output support for the following data types RealAudio 10,8,G2 RealVideo 10,9,8,7,G2 Ogg Vorbis Developers who want MP3 encoding can ...