Heisenberg Picture

In physics, the Heisenberg picture is a formulation (made by Werner Heisenberg while on Heligoland in the 1920s) of quantum mechanics in which the operators (observables and others) incorporate a dependency on time, but the state vectors are time-independent. It stands in contrast to the Schrödinger picture in which the operators are constant and the states evolve in time. The two models only differ by a basis change with respect to time-dependency, which is the difference between active and passive transformation. The Heisenberg picture is the formulation of matrix mechanics in an arbitrary basis, in which the Hamiltonian is not necessarily diagonal.

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... In the so-called Schrödinger picture of quantum mechanics, the dynamics is given as follows The time evolution of the state is given by a ... The Heisenberg picture of quantum mechanics focuses on observables and instead of considering states as varying in time, it regards the states as fixed and the observables ... To go from the Schrödinger to the Heisenberg picture one needs to define time-independent states and time-dependent operators thus It is then easily checked that the ...
Memoryless Quantum Channel - Heisenberg Picture
... which describes the action of Φ in the Heisenberg picture The spaces of operators L(HA) and L(HB) are Hilbert spaces with the Hilbert-Schmidt inner product ... This relationship is same as that between the Schrödinger and Heisenberg descriptions of dynamics ... Physically speaking, this means that, in the Heisenberg picture, the trivial observable remains trivial after applying the channel ...
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... This approach is called the Heisenberg picture ... as fixed, while the state of the system depends on time that is known as the Schrödinger picture ... While non-relativistic quantum mechanics is usually formulated in terms of the Schrödinger picture, the Heisenberg picture is often preferred in a ...
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... are quite different than in the Schrödinger picture because of the time dependency of operators ...
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... See also Schrödinger picture To make the transition to modern quantum mechanics, the most important further addition was the quantum state vector ... not clear which particular motion the Heisenberg matrices are describing, since they include all the motions somewhere ... The Heisenberg equation of motion in its original form states that Amn evolves in time like a Fourier component which can be recast in differential form and ...

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