Heat Pipes

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Loop Heat Pipe - Limitations of Heat Pipes
... Heat pipes are excellent heat transfer devices but their sphere of application is mainly confined to transferring relatively small heat loads over relatively short distances when the evaporator and condenser are ... This limitation on the part of the heat pipes is mainly related to the major pressure losses associated with the liquid flow through the porous structure, present ... For the applications involving transfer of large heat loads over long distances, the thermal performance of the heat pipes is badly affected by increase in ...
Structure, Design and Construction - Vapor Chamber or Flat Heat Pipes
... Thin planar heat pipes (heat spreaders) have the same primary components as tubular heat pipes ... Compared to a one-dimensional tubular heat pipe, the width of a two-dimensional heat pipe allows an adequate cross section for heat flow even with a very thin device ... These thin planar heat pipes are finding their way into “height sensitive” applications, such as notebook computers, and surface mount circuit board cores ...
Heat Pipe - Applications - Permafrost Cooling
... Building on permafrost is difficult because heat from the structure can thaw the permafrost ... To avoid the risk of destabilization, heat pipes are used in some cases ... For example, on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System residual ground heat remaining in the oil, as well as that produced by friction and turbulence in the moving oil could conduct down the pipe's support ...

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