Heat of Combustion - Higher Heating Values of Natural Gases From Various Sources

Higher Heating Values of Natural Gases From Various Sources

The International Energy Agency reports the following typical higher heating values:

  • Algeria: 42,000 kJ/m³
  • Bangladesh: 36,000 kJ/m³
  • Canada: 38,200 kJ/m³
  • Indonesia: 40,600 kJ/m³
  • Netherlands: 33,320 kJ/m³
  • Norway: 39,877 kJ/m³
  • Pakistan: 34,900 kJ/m³
  • Russia: 38,231 kJ/m³
  • Saudi Arabia: 38,000 kJ/m³
  • United Kingdom: 39,710 kJ/m³
  • United States: 38,416 kJ/m³
  • Uzbekistan: 37,889 kJ/m³

The lower heating value of natural gas is normally about 90 percent of its higher heating val.

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