Headley Grange - Depiction in IT Might Get Loud

Depiction in It Might Get Loud

In the 2009 documentary It Might Get Loud, Page is filmed visiting Headley Grange and discussing the recording of Led Zeppelin IV there.

He later recalled of this visit:

y memories of it were still very much as it was when we'd played there originally. It wasn't really being used back then, but the same family still own it. The lady who rented it to I think had passed on, but I think her granddaughter lives there now. My memories of it were really as it was in those old days with the heating not working and it being very damp, but it was still the scene of some very high-energy playing ... I was quite overwhelmed when I went in, not only because of the past but also because now it was a house and I was poking around in a house that was a home. There was furniture, ornaments, pictures and even some musical instruments ... he dimensions of the hall were still as I remembered it. I also went into the other rooms, including room I slept in and where the fire was where we used to keep warm and it was quite overwhelming.

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