Hazelwood East Middle School

Hazelwood East Middle School is located in the Hazelwood School District in Saint Louis, Missouri. This building opened in the 1950s as the only high school in the school district, Hazelwood High School. In the 1960s, overcrowding issues led to the building of the much larger Hazelwood Central High School in Florissant. The old high school was subsequently turned into a junior high facility and renamed Kirby Junior High (and later Kirby Middle School in 2000).

The population at Kirby continued to grow, and by 2005, overpopulation issues necessitated the use of outdoor trailers for classroom space. In 2007, the Hazelwood School District completed construction of four new middle schools, alleviating overcrowding and reducing the student population from 1300 down to its present size of 500. Concurrent with the opening of new middle schools in the fall of 2007, the district renamed its schools; Kirby was changed to its current name, Hazelwood East Middle School.

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