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Hawaiian Pidgin
... Hawaii Pidgin English, Hawaii Creole English, HCE, or simply Pidgin, is a creole language based in part on English used by many residents of Hawaii ... and Hawaiian are the co-official languages of the state of Hawaii, Pidgin is used by many Hawaiian residents in everyday conversation and is often used ... The ISO 639-3 language code for Hawaii Pidgin (Hawaii Creole English) is hwc ...
Hawaii Pidgin Sign Language
... Hawaii Pidgin Sign Language is a sign language used in Hawaii ... The language is named for the oral language Hawaii Pidgin and is not itself a pidgin ... Australia Auslan, Warlpiri, Australian Aboriginal Hawaii Pidgin New Zealand Solomon Islands Rennellese Asia Chinese Filipino Indonesia Indonesian, Kata Kolok (Benkala ...

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    A fallen tree does not rise again.
    Hawaiian saying no. 2412, ‘lelo No’Eau, collected, translated, and annotated by Mary Kawena Pukui, Bishop Museum Press, Hawaii (1983)