Haven City

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Jak II - Synopsis - Plot
... They arrive in a dystopia known as Haven City, which is under the control of the ruthless Baron Praxis, locked in a war with a race of beasts called Metal Heads ... What surprises him the most is that Haven City is built on the ruins of his home, Sandover Village, 300 years in the future ... the destruction of the stone to Krew, the mob boss of Haven City ...
Jak 3 - Setting - Characters
... There is also Ashelin, the Governor of Haven City, who was previously involved with Torn, the now-commander of the Freedom League ... He is the king of Spargus City ... returning characters include Sig, a spy for Damas back in Haven City who later becomes the new king of Spargus after Damas is killed, Jinx, a former member of the Underground, Vin ...
Jak 3 - Plot
... the Wasteland desert for life by Count Veger for supposed "crimes" against the people of Haven City ... to the heat of the desert, a flashback shows Haven being under a mass attack by Metal Heads ... Robots" went rogue and began attacking Haven citizens, leaving the city divided into three parts ...

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    ... city areas with flourishing diversity sprout strange and unpredictable uses and peculiar scenes. But this is not a drawback of diversity. This is the point ... of it.
    Jane Jacobs (b. 1916)

    The dry eucalyptus seeks god in the rainy cloud.
    Professor Eucalyptus of New Haven seeks him
    In New Haven with an eye that does not look
    Beyond the object.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)