Harry Lauder

Sir Henry Lauder (4 August 1870 – 26 February 1950), known professionally as Harry Lauder, was an international Scottish entertainer, described by Sir Winston Churchill as "Scotland's greatest ever ambassador!"

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Movietone News - History
... An early conductor of the Movietone News orchestra was Harry Lauder II, nephew of entertainer Sir Harry Lauder, who was contracted by the company for ... Sir Harry Lauder also appeared in test sound films made at the Fox Studios in New York City during the winter-spring of 1927 ...
Peelennium - List of Presented Records
... Albert Chevalier 6 ... The Variety Singers "Beer, Beer, Glorious Beer" "Ask A Policeman" Harry Anderson, Steve Leggett, Will Godwin, A E Durandeau, E W Rogers ... America" Lionel Monckton, Arthur Wimperis 43 ... Harry Champion Orchestra "Ginger You're Barmy" Fred Murray 44 ... Ella Retford "Molly O'Morgan" Letters/Godfrey ... Major's On Parade" Longstaffe 102 ... Savoy Havana Band "Ogo-Pogo" Strong 103 ... Sir Harry Lauder "Keep Right On To The End Of The Road" Lauder/Dillion 1925 104 ...

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