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Harley Quinn also appears in several video games based upon the animated series.

  • She appears in a cameo role in The Adventures of Batman & Robin for the Super NES, and as a boss in The Adventures of Batman & Robin for the Sega Genesis.
  • She also appears in The Adventures of Batman & Robin (voiced by Arleen Sorkin) for the Sega CD and Batman: Chaos in Gotham.
  • Harley Quinn played a major role in the game's storyline in Batman Vengeance voiced by Arleen Sorkin. She first appears posing as "Mary Flynn" in a trap for Batman set by the Joker; she later does the Joker's dirty work after he fakes his death.
  • She appears in Lego Batman: The Videogame with her sound effects provided by Grey DeLisle. She appears as an enemy of Batman and a 1st deputy of the Joker. Harley Quinn in Lego Batman is a playable character and can be unlocked through the villain levels, and carries a pistol and her giant mallet. She can perform high jumps like most women in the game.
  • Arleen Sorkin reprises her role of Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham Asylum, as the secondary antagonist of the game, here with a new costume based on a nurse uniform. After her capture, Harley is shown in one of the Scarecrow's hallucinations as one of the villains escorting Batman into Arkham. When the player finds one of the Riddler trophies in a cell next to hers after her capture, Harley taunts Batman for falling in a trap of hers, but she is surprised only seconds later when the player breaks out of the cell.
  • Harley Quinn appears in the DC Universe Online video game, with Arleen Sorkin returning as her voice. Harley appears in Joker´s Funhouse, where she will be seen being arrested by Robin if the player uses a Villain character, or holding Robin hostage if the character is a hero, in which case the player will have to defeat her. She also plays a minor role in T.O.Morrow´s hideout, as she has gone there with the Joker to pursue Morrow. Harley is also the basic Legends PVP character, granted to Villains without having to spend Marks of Legend. If a player using Harley defeats an enemy player using Joker, the player will get a feat called Mad Love.
  • Harley Quinn appears Batman: Arkham City voiced by Tara Strong. She is shown wearing a biker-girl themed costume in this game, using a low-key version of her usual makeup. Harley had captured some doctors and police officers as hostages when Batman finds her in the clock tower. Harley manages to get away while Joker's henchmen fight Batman who ends up defeating them and saving the hostages (only for them to be later captured by Riddler). Batman later encounters Harley in the Sionis Steel Mill where she was with the Joker. She later steals the cure for the Joker's illness while Batman was fighting Mr. Freeze for it. When the Joker dies from his illness following Batman's fight with Clayface (who was masquerading as a healthier Joker), Quinn was with the Joker's henchmen when Batman brought his dead body out of the theater. After completing the game, the player can enter the Joker's office, where several negative pregnancy tests and a positive test can be found. In the ending credits of the new game plus mode, Harley is heard singing a version of the lullaby "Hush, Little Baby," promising the child that "Mama's gonna kill for you the whole damn world." If there are any Harley-Heads left after beating the game, players can hear Harley crying over the Joker's death. Harley also appears in "Harley Quinn's Revenge" expansion as the main antagonist, seeking revenge on Batman for the death of the Joker. After escaping from a temporary holding area following the destruction of Arkham City, Harley transforms the Steel Mill (the Joker's former base of operations) into a gigantic memorial of him. She is later beaten by the duo of Batman and Robin and taken into custody by the GCPD. Included as an easter egg in the manager's office of the Steel Mill, there is a crib with Scarface painted as the Joker inside.
  • Harley Quinn appears as a minor antagonist in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, voiced by Laura Bailey.
  • Harley Quinn will appear as a playable fighter in Injustice: Gods Among Us, voiced again by Tara Strong.
  • Harley Quinn introduced Martin Tremblay, president of Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, at the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 2012 where Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition was introduced for the Wii U.

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