Harbour Orders Confirmation

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List Of Acts Of The Parliament Of The United Kingdom, 1860–1879 - 1860 – 1869 - 1865 (28 & 29 Vict.)
89 Harbour Transfer Act 1865 c. 100 Harwich Harbour Act 1865 c. 22 Inclosures, Provisional Orders Confirmation Act 1865 c ...

Famous quotes containing the words confirmation, harbour and/or orders:

    Whenever reality reinforces a child’s fantasied dangers, the child will have more difficulty in overcoming them...So, while parents may not regard a spanking as a physical attack or an assault on a child’s body, the child may regard it as such, and experience it as a confirmation of his fears that grown-ups under certain circumstances can really hurt you.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    Patience, the beggar’s virtue, Shall find no harbour here.
    Philip Massinger (1583–1640)

    One cannot be a good historian of the outward, visible world without giving some thought to the hidden, private life of ordinary people; and on the other hand one cannot be a good historian of this inner life without taking into account outward events where these are relevant. They are two orders of fact which reflect each other, which are always linked and which sometimes provoke each other.
    Victor Hugo (1802–1885)