Hans Ziller

Hans Ziller (born May 18, 1958) is the lead guitarist, backing vocalist and primary composer (with Claus Lessmann) of the German 1980s melodic hard rock band Bonfire. He founded the band called Cacumen (a predecessor of Bonfire) as a teenager in 1972. He has appeared on all of the band's albums, except Knock Out (1991). In 1989 in the middle of working on Bonfire's third album Point Blank - which, like the earlier albums, was produced by master producer Michael Wagener - Hans Ziller left the band because of insurmountable differences with the management and began a project of his own called EZ Livin'. Claus and Hans get in contact again during the WM 1990 because they are both Footballfans and Hans called Claus after Oliver Bierhoff shot the Golden goal.From that time on they work together until now.