Hanno may refer to:

  • Hanno, Saitama, Honshū, Japan
  • Hanno (crater), a lunar crater
  • Hanno (elephant), the pet white elephant of Pope Leo X

People named Hanno:

  • Several ancient Carthaginians, including:
  • Hanno the Elder (died 204 BC), Carthaginian general
  • Hanno I the Great (4th century BC), Carthaginian admiral
  • Hanno II the Great (3rd century BC), wealthy Carthaginian aristocrat
  • Hanno III the Great (2nd century BC), ultra-conservative Carthaginian politician
  • Hanno the Navigator, Carthaginian explorer
  • Hanno, son of Hannibal, Carthaginian general in the First Punic War
  • Hanno, Messana garrison commander, Carthaginian general in The First Punic War
  • Hanno, son of Bomilcar, Carthaginian officer in the Second Punic War
  • Hanno Balitsch (born 1981), German footballer
  • Hanno Drechsler (1931-2003), political scientist
  • Hanno Möttölä (born 1976), Finnish professional basketball player
  • Hanno Pöschl (born 1949), Austrian television actor
  • Hanno Rund (1925-1993), mathematician
  • Hanno, fictional character in The Boat of a Million Years, an immortal Phoenician living to our times and beyond

Other articles related to "hanno":

Bourne Stone
... By this Hanno takes possession ... Fell asserted that "Hanno" referred to Hanno the Navigator, which, if true, would date the stone to about 570 BC and offer evidence that the Carthaginians crossed the Atlantic in ancient times ...
Battle Of Cissa - Prelude
... Hannibal had left a certain Hanno with 10,000 infantry and 1,000 cavalry to garrison the newly conquered territory north of the Ebro ... This Hanno has been identified by various authors as Hannibal’s nephew (son of Hasdrubal the Fair), a brother or no Barcid relation ... north with an army of 8,000 foot soldiers and 1,000 cavalry to join Hanno ...
Carl Von Hanno
... Carl von Hanno (1901–1953) was a Norwegian painter ... Hanno's early style was influenced by cubism, and politically motivated ... Carl von Hanno was a teacher at The State's School of Art and Design of Oslo 1937–51 ...
Andreas Meyer-Hanno - Biography
... Meyer-Hanno was born in Berlin ... His parents were Hans Meyer-Hanno and Irene Sager ... Since 1949 Meyer-Hanno studied music and theater ...
Hanno, Messana Garrison Commander - Death
... The Carthaginians subsequently crucified Hanno for what was regarded as cowardice and lack of judgement in leaving the citadel of Messana ...